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As a homeowner, it seems that there are never-ending issues around the property that occurs almost immediately after you’ve addressed a problem. One of those annoying examples are leaking taps. While it may seem harmless, if you leave it unattended, it has the potential to be dangerous. For this reason, you should seek the counsel of a professional such as City Metro Plumbing and Gas to repair your leaking taps.

Reasons to Repair Leaking Taps

Think about a leaking tap – releasing drops of water in a steady pattern that crash against the sink, causing an annoying metronome-like sound. If you work from home or are near the tap, that noise will unsettle you. Even though this is enough reason to fix your leaking taps, there are few others.

  • While the leak itself isn’t hazardous, the presence of moisture can lead to the development of mould, mildew, and material damage. These issues can attack your home’s structure and foundations without your knowledge and only present themselves when the damage is evident. Mould can trigger respiratory illnesses, while stagnant water is the breeding ground for insects such as mosquitoes.
  • Australia is one of the driest countries on Earth, which means we can’t afford to waste our water. A leaking tap can lead to the loss of 20,000 litres of water a year. When you consider climate change, droughts, and population increases, every drop of water counts. When you leave a leaking tap unattended, it negatively impacts the environment.
  • The greater demand for resources leads to an increase in the cost of water utilities. Western Australians already pay a high water rate that could rise rapidly if we don’t conserve water. Allowing a tap to leak will affect your utility bill, and it’s a cost that no family or business wants to add to their expenses.
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Why Trust City Metro Plumbing and Gas Regarding Fix Leaking Taps

We are a reliable and efficient plumber from Perth and provide our clients with the best customer service and advice.

  • Plumbing emergencies occur at any time. You can’t plan for these occurrences, which is something we understand. For this reason, our skilled team is available 24/7 to assist with your plumbing issues. Additionally, we’re committed to providing a same-day service which includes a quotation for the work.
  • With the skills and knowledge we possess, we provide several plumbing services, from repairing leaking taps to unblocking drains, repairing your hot water system, assisting with your bathroom or kitchen renovations, and dealing with your gas appliances.
  • When you collaborate with us, you can expect a friendly service from the moment we assess your requirements until we complete the work. Additionally, we stand by our work and deliver exceptional standards with every project. You can depend on our team, especially since we have the necessary licenses and insurances.

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We are the preferred plumbing contractors across Perth, which we attribute to our decade-long history of exceeding every customer’s expectations. You can trust our team to repair your plumbing problems, so contact us today.

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