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Blocked drains in Perth are among the most common yet pesky plumbing problems that people experience in residential and commercial properties. It can affect essential tasks such as washing and cleaning cutlery, dishes, and food. To alleviate the issue, you require the services of a reputable contractor such as City Metro Plumbing and Gas.

Signs You Require a Blocked Drains Service

A blocked drain occurs after people try flushing down foreign objects through the sink, which is a gradual process. If you catch the signs of a blocked drain early, you can solve the issue and save yourself exorbitant replacement costs. These are some of the signs you may encounter that point towards a blocked drain.

  • The slow drainage of water is the most obvious sign of a problem. It often occurs in the kitchen because of food scraps lodging themselves in the pipes below the sink. If you ignore the blockage, it won’t disappear but rather worsen over time. You will find stagnant water in the sink before you know it, which takes extremely long to drain.
  • Apart from the visual signs, you must keep an ear out for odd noises coming from the pipes or the drain. When water struggles to drain, you may hear a gurgling sound indicating a blockage somewhere along the plumbing.
  • Blocked drains can also affect the toilet, which can lead to larger problems if you don’t address it immediately. The continuous build-up of hair, paper, and other items can cause a blockage. As a result, you may find the water levels rise when you flush and be extremely low when not in use.
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Common Mistakes People Make Attempting to Fix Blocked Drains

When you’ve encountered plumbing issues, it’s advisable to leave the repair work to a qualified plumber. Homeowners who assume every repair are a simple DIY task can find that isn’t the case after they’ve caused more damage to the plumbing. It’s best to avoid making these mistakes when you have emergency blocked drains.

  • There are multiple drain cleaning chemicals available on the market; however, they may provide a short-term solution instead of removing the blockage from pipes. The cleaner doesn’t dissolve the blockage and remains in the pipe as it slowly causes damage to the plumbing.
  • Many homeowners turn to the plunger to assist in removing a blockage. Since there are various types of plungers for different sinks, you may end up using the incorrect plunger. Furthermore, there is a specific technique that a plumber uses with a plunger that most people don’t know about. Unfortunately, pumping the plunger quickly tends to push the blockage further down the pipe.
  • When all else fails, people bring out the infamous coat hanger. The blockages may be further than you assume, and shoving down wires won’t be effective. Additionally, you may worsen the problem by pushing the blockage.

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