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We Can Handle a Hot Water System Service in Perth

Accessing hot water has become a norm in our world but imagine waking up on a winter morning and stepping into the shower to find the water is colder than the Pacific. It’s not a pleasant experience but one that you can avoid with a hot water system service in Perth. As with every component that undergoes daily use, there is significant wear and tear that contributes to the system’s eventual breakdown. For this reason, it’s advisable to recruit City Metro Plumbing and Gas to inspect the hot water system in a residential or commercial setting.

Signs You Require a Hot Water System Service

One of the most critical appliances in your home or office is the hot water system. It isn’t uncommon for the system to malfunction without notice, which is potentially dangerous. For this reason, you should understand the hot water system and identify the signs that demonstrate it requires servicing, upgrading, or a replacement.

  • Perhaps you’ve recently moved into a new property. Do you know when the previous owner installed their hot water system? Generally, these systems last a little over ten years. You will find that once the system ages beyond eight years, its efficiency declines as some of the internal parts break down. If you discover that the water temperature is fluctuating, you require a professional to inspect the system.
  • A leaking hot water system is a clear sign that a repair or service is in order. Apart from affecting the parts, leaking water causes a mess – soaking and potentially damaging the area. Traditionally, hot water system leaks occur near the inlet or outlet connections, the pressure relief valve, and the tank itself. If you leave it unattended, it will lead to severe issues. Commercial systems may be out of sight, so try to inspect the equipment regularly.
  • When you open the tap and find that the water has a brown, red, or rusty colour, there could be corrosion or rust inside the tank. You shouldn’t experience this within the first eight years of installing the system. Rusted water poses a threat to users’ health and, for this reason, requires the attention of a reputable plumber.
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Tips for Getting More Value Out of a Hot Water System in Perth

Maintaining the hot water system is a task that many homeowners ignore. As a result, the internal components start breaking down, which eventually requires the skills of a professional to repair the hot water system. Instead of waiting for the sign to call in a plumber, follow these tips to ensure the system’s condition remains optimal through the years.

  • If you’re leaving home for more than a week, you should turn the hot water system off. The system will continue heating water even though you’re not using it, which leads to unnecessary wear. Apart from saving the system, you can enjoy the benefit of reducing gas or electricity costs.
  • Family habits change with the addition of members, yet your hot water system remains the same until you replace it. You must alter how you use water by employing water-efficient appliances and fixtures that reduce the burden on the hot water system.
  • After every six months, it’s advisable to inspect the condition of the relief valve. The purpose of this valve is to release excess pressure, so its effective operation is critical. Use the manual for instructions on inspecting the valve or call in your local plumber.

What Sets City Metro Plumbing and Gas Apart Regarding Emergency Hot Water System?

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